Season 2 DVD in the works

Season 2 DVD in the works

A USA Today article on CBS' fall party quotes Kaley Cuoco saying that Season 2 of the 8 Simple Rules is in the works and that she and her fellow cast members have recorded a tribute to John Ritter.

"Kaley Cuoco, who's in the new comedy Big Bang Theory, says that she still sees her Eight Simple Rules brother and sister on a regular basis and that the cast recently shot a tribute to John Ritter to be included in the show's upcoming Season 2 DVD. She's also maintained her sisterly bond with Charmed co-star Alyssa Milano, whom she constantly text-messages."

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Posted on July 21st 2007 09:42 in Show.

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curly United Kingdom, 18:08 18th Feb 2010.
plz plz plz plz relise 8 simple rules season 2 as a box set in Engalnd! i love 8 simple rules but i neva get 2 c it!!! the big bang theory is also really cool!
Name Abbie United Kingdom, 18:27 4th Oct 2007.
Comment- Ur show is the coolest eva i can recite every line!!me and my best friend ADORE 8 simple rules sooo uch i am by FAR yr biggest fan i hav seen all episodes i dont have a favourite character, ur all soo good u need to make more episodes!!Have seen some of the big bang therory and its gr8 but im sticking beside 8 simple rules i think u r all quality actors and actresses and the script is brilliant. thankyou for the great viewing!!

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