ABC1 gone

ABC1 has been shut down days earlier than expected. The station ceased broadcasting at 12PM today.

The UK broadcaster from the ABC/Disney company was the exclusive broadcaster of 8 Simple Rules in the UK. Disney Channel say they will not start airing 8 Simple Rules again.

Posted on September 26th 2007 15:01 in Show.

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joanna United Kingdom, 22:20 22nd Oct 2007.
please dont take it away its my fav program
chelsea United Kingdom, 19:53 6th Oct 2007.
omg i so annoyed they took of abc1 and why no more 8simpke rules
Raff United Kingdom, 17:05 1st Oct 2007.
That's so sad! I came home from boarding school and went straight to the TV, only to find my favourite channel gone!! You can see some of the episodes on youtube, look up Marionfanlove, she's amazing. Anyone know why they shut down over here? It's seriously annoying...:(
Bex United Kingdom, 11:48 1st Oct 2007.
That really sucks.
admin United Kingdom, 09:56 29th Sep 2007.
Nobody else owns the rights to air the show, Disney UK do and they ran ABC1, with ABC1 gone, Disney still have the rights but say they won't show it on their remaning Disney Channels.
Kristina Canada, 03:21 29th Sep 2007.
so why isn't 8 simple rules going to ever air again

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