five picks up 8 Simple Rules

Channel Five, the UK terrestrial net, has picked up the rights to air 8 Simple Rules.

From the 21st of this month, the net will air the show, Sundays at 11AM.

This marks the first time a terrestrial net has aired the show in the UK and the first appearance of the show since ABC1 shut down last month.

Posted on October 7th 2007 01:11 in Show.

Comments (6)

Chris United Kingdom, 00:36 17th Oct 2007.
My family was so relieved when they heard the news that ch 5 were to carry it. Marvellous.
natalie United Kingdom, 14:11 16th Oct 2007.
thank god i can't wait i thought i was going to die when abx1 shut down last month
Krissy Canada, 00:30 10th Oct 2007.
Can't wait but I dunno if I have channel 5 bye! :):):):):):) :P
kevin shaw United Kingdom, 13:26 9th Oct 2007.
That is absolutly brillient .I cannot wait to watch it again
RACHEL Ireland, 20:37 8th Oct 2007.
aahh i havent got channel 5 boo hoo..
sue United Kingdom, 15:04 7th Oct 2007.
That's brilliant news - I can set up video to record every Sunday at 11.00am!!! Fantastic.

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