five drops 8 Simple Rules (Updated)

five drops 8 Simple Rules (Updated)

Channel Five, the UK terrestrial net, has dropped 8 Simple Rules from its schedules. The station aired 8 Simple Rules on Sundays as part of a new block for teenagers, but the show disappeared over the Christmas period - while Hannah Montana, which formed an hour of the block, continued to air.

Now Christmas and the New Year have passed, regular TV schedules are returning, but 8 Simple Rules is not, and Hannah Montana won't be around for long either.

The teen block will continue for two weeks (January 6th and 13th), without 8 Simple Rules, and then will disappear from our TV screens.

8 Simple Rules is now off UK screens again, having previously disappeared when Disney-owned ABC1 shutdown in September.

Update: five have confirmed they have no plans to air any more episodes of 8 Simple Rules but say they do still own the rights to air the first season.

Posted on January 6th 2008 15:55 in Show.

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Fergal Doherty Ireland, 16:02 6th Jan 2008.
I don't know if you can receive it in the UK, I think people in Northern Ireland can, but 8 Simple Rules airs on Irish station TG4 - maybe you'll be able to see it there.
Nick Gates United Kingdom, 15:56 6th Jan 2008.
This is terrible, I really miss being able to see 8 Simple Rules on TV and I can't even get the DVD ... I crave 8SR!

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