Ritter's family to sue over death

Ritter's family to sue over death

The wife of the late John Ritter, actress Amy Yasbeck, is suing two doctors over the death of Mr. Ritter.

The first doctor is one who read the results of the actor's body scan in 2001 and the second is the doctor who diagnosed him on the night he died.
The actress says that her husband's death could have been prevented. The family has already received $14 million in settlements, including $9 million from the hospital where he died.

The actress is suing for $67 million in damages and lost earnings - due to the earning potential the star of 8 Simple Rules had at the time of his death.

A lawyer for one of the doctors said he believed Mr. Ritter's time was up and that the doctor did everything he could.

Posted on January 25th 2008 12:02 in John Ritter.

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