Katey Sagal testifies in Ritter case

Katey Sagal testifies in Ritter case

The enquiry into the death of John Ritter saw co-star Katey Sagal testify in court.

Sagal held back tears as she said she loved him. Ritter's son, TV star Jason Ritter, also testified along with Ritter's personal assistant.

The case is in its 4th week, as it tries to establish whether he suffered a wrongful-death.

Posted on February 29th 2008 03:56 in John Ritter.

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Robert butterworth United States, 05:47 20th Oct 2011.
john had a shatterd look is his eyes on the episode were he had set down to get his breath, he was a great actor when i think about it saddens me god blessyoujohn and amy

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