Ritter's widow testifies

Ritter's widow testifies

The widow of John Ritter, Amy Yasbeck, took to the stands to testify in the wrongful death case she brought against doctors who treated Mr. Ritter.

The actress fought back tears as she explained the moments leading up to John Ritter's death in 2003. The actress says she arrived at the Burbank hospital, where Mr. Ritter was born, to be told her husband was having a heart attack. She said Mr. Ritter was scared and that she tried to help him get through it. She also spoke of how Mr. Ritter asked if he could get a second opinion before agreeing to the surgery, he was told by one of the defendants that there was no time as he was having a heart attack. The actress broke down in tears as she explained she told the actor to listen to the doctor and not be scared.

The wrongful death motion was filed against two doctors who had at one point treated Mr. Ritter, the first was responsible for a full body scan in 2001, and the second was the doctor treated him the night he was taken ill. It is alleged the doctor treated Mr. Ritter for a heart attack and failed to diagnose the ailment properly, Mr. Ritter died later of an aortic dissection.

A voice mail message Mr. Ritter left for his wife, Amy Yasbeck, as he was going to hospital, was played in court. The actor said a doctor was coming to look at him, he believed he had food poisoning. A few minutes later the actor said he was having chest pains and was going to the hospital across the road.

Mr. Ritter's former wife, Nancy Ritter, also testified in the case, she spoke of his health concerns and his decision to get a full body scan, she says the actor told her he was fine after he had the body scan. The doctor responsible for the full body scan alleges he warned Mr. Ritter of coronary decease.

Amy Yasbeck said that Mr. Ritter gestured "I love you" as he was wheeled down to surgery, she said she mouthed it back as the actor was wheeled around a corner, the actress says that was the last moment she saw him.

The lawsuit, taking place in California, is asking for $67m for the wrongful death of Mr. Ritter, and has seen Katey Sagal & Henry Winkler testify.

Posted on March 5th 2008 10:09 in John Ritter.

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