John Ritter's last words

John Ritter's last words has an clip of an ABC News piece on the continuing court case into the death of John Ritter, the video details Ritter's last words with the voicemail message he left for his wife as he was taken ill.

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Posted on March 6th 2008 11:45 in John Ritter.

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Carolyn Irwin United States, 18:25 20th Apr 2010.
I am a recent survivor of Thoracic Aneurysm 10/11/09. At first I too was being treated for heart problems that I do not have. I was told that I would have surgery the following AM by Cardio Surgeon. Then they decided to do a Cat Scan and then they found the Thoracic Aneursyn? Immediate surgery was performed and my life was saved. Thank God they took a Cat Scan. No symptoms, until I felt like a wooden stake had been thrushed into lower part of throat,then pain started in my back between my shoulder blades. EMS treated me for possible heart/stroke attack until I was transported to hospital.

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