Season 1 released in Britain

Season 1 released in Britain

8 Simple Rules: Season 1 was released on DVD Monday in the United Kingdom, and already have sold out! The competitive price and quality of the show seem to have meant fans are buying them at incredible speed, but if you're not one of the lucky ones to have already purchased the DVD then you can still get it for the great price of £11.98 at - & don't even have it in stock!

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With Season 1 now released, British fans are of course wondering when Season 2 might grace the DVD shelves here, unfortunately things on this front aren't very clear. As you may recall, Buena Vista Home Entertainment (the distributor of 8 Simple Rules) recently sold the rights for the show to another company. Buena Vista are a very busy distributor, working on hits such as Lost & Desperate Housewives, and thus didn't have time to work on the less popular shows like 8 Simple Rules. We can't confirm whether that deal extends to the U.K., so the question is who will release 8 Simple Rules: Season 2 and when? The timing of any release is unknown, Lionsgate Home Entertaintment are working on a Season 2 DVD in the U.S. but haven't announced anything. What is for certain is that fans will probably have another long wait to see the DVD here in Blighty.

Posted on September 4th 2008 17:10 in Show.

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