DVD Review: Season 1 (US & Canada)

8 Simple Rules Season 1 DVD Review (US & Canada R1)

8 Simple Rules is about a Detroit family called The Hennessey's. The patriarch's name is Paul Hennessey, who is a former sports writer, who switches to be a regular newspaper columnist so he spend time at home raising his three kids. Paul is amply played by sitcom veteran John Ritter. His wife, Cate Hennessey is played by Katey Sagal. She is a nurse who spends lots of time at the hospital, while Paul helps raise his teenage children. The oldest daughter is named Bridget and played by the beautiful and talented Kaley Cuoco. The other daughter is played by the energetic and talented Amy Davidson. Kaley and Amy really play the sister thing quite well and are very believable as sisters. The wise cracking brother whose name is Rory is played by Martin Spanjers.

  The DVD consists of 28 episodes and a blooper real of about 10 minutes. The show is hilarious. The interaction between Ritter and the two daughters is the main focus of the show, and the humor is just great. Right from the start in the pilot, Paul loves his son, as he calls him "the boy", but he truly wants his daughters to love him, too. Some of my favorite episodes are "Wings" in which Bridget pesters her father to get her drivers license. She is constantly at Paul, and the chemistry between Ritter and Cuoco really starts to develop. Kerry's video is another favorite, when Kerry makes a video showing how 'the beautiful" live by highlighting days in the life of her sister, Bridget. I also love the holiday episodes of "Trick or Treehouse" (Halloween), "Paul Meets his Match" (Thanksgiving) and "All I want for Christmas". Another favorite is "Come and Knock on Our Door", which is a parody of John Ritter's famous "Three's Company". Ritter and Sagal play the Ropers, while Cuoco and Davidson play the two roommates while Billy Aaron Brown, who hysterically plays Bridget's boyfriend playing Jack Tripper. Spanjers plays Jack Tripper's good friend Larry in this one, and the show features a cameo by Don Knotts playing his famous Ralph Furley character.  

The season just keeps getting better and better. Towards the end of the season you have the introduction of next door neighbors called the Doyles played by John Ratzenberger and Shelly Long of "Cheers" fame. They are terrific, too. There are many other guest stars such as Jason Priestly, Robert Guillame, Patrick Warburton, Cybill Shepard and Tom Poston.  

  8 Simple Rules is simply one of the best family sitcoms around. The Hennessey's are truly a family you can associate with and just love. I particularly love John Ritter and his shallow older daughter, Bridget, played by Kaley Cuoco. The interaction between Ritter and his daughters is very different than most sitcoms where the show is usually about the adults and the kids are just an after thought. In 8 Simple Rules you love the kids and the parents.  

I thoroughly recommend this DVD. It is pure fun and hilarity.

Disclosure: The reviewer was provided with a courtesy copy of this DVD by its publicists.