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This site uses cookies, which are small text files saved by your browser, to provide visitors with the best browsing experience and to enable us to better understand our visitors. Cookies help us remember pieces of information across different pages on this site and between your visits.

What can cookies do?

  •  Cookies do allow us to remember you, your preferences and information about your visit when you browse the site.
  •  Cookies set by this site do not contain personally indentifiable information.
  •  Cookies belong to specific websites and can not be viewed by other websites.
  •  Cookies do not allow us to access your computer or view your other data.

How can I control cookies

Your browser gives you tools to control which cookies are set and by whom, along with the power to delete any cookies at any time. You can learn more about cookies and your browser's cookie options at

Third-Party Cookies

Although it is the case that cookies can only be set by a domain (eg. you visit, when you visit a website you will usually see content from many different domains and these providers can also set cookies. Advertisements, embedded videos, "share" buttons, Twitter or Facebook counters are just a few examples of when you may be served content by other providers on this site.


To provide you with more relevant advertising, many advertisers now use cookies set across many partner sites to build a broad profile of visitors. These profiles do not contain sensitive or personal information, just general information about your perceived interests. For example, when you visit this site you may begin to see adverts about TV shows and merchandise on other sites you visit. Cookies are also used remember which ads you have seen, which you have clicked and basic technical information.

Although many people will appreciate more relevant advertisements, it is understandable that some people will be concerned about the profiles being built up about their interests. Our chosen partners are all reputable companies with strong privacy policies, but we understand you may still be concerned. You can opt-out of most behavioural advertising at the Network Advertising Initiative site.


To better understand their visitors, many sites use analytics tools to analyse traffic to their websites. Analytics services use tracking codes and use cookies to log visits to the site. This data does not identify specific visitors personally. These tools set long-life cookies from our domain. These cookies can not be viewed by other sites but the data is reported back to our partners.

Because so many sites use the same packages and the data is centralised with select companies, people may be concerned about their activity across the web being collected. The companies we use are reputable companies with strong privacy policies, but we understand you may still be concerned. Our chosen partner, Google Analytics, provides an opt-out method.

Affiliate Marketing

This site provides retail links to products related to the show, such as DVDs or official merchandise, which are often affiliate links. This means that we will receive a commission should anybody make a purchase through that link. The affiliate marketing process uses cookies to ensure any purchases we generate are credited to us.

No personal information is shared between the retailer, the affiliate network or the affiliate. Under no circumstances is information, such as your delivery address or your billing information, shared. As the information collected is limited in scope and necessary, it is not possible to opt-out of affiliate cookies. You can, of course, still delete the cookies through your browser.

Our Partners and their Privacy Policies

If you would like to learn more about how our partners use cookies and information they collect through this site, you can find their specific privacy policies below.

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