Finale Part Deux (2) Season 2, Episode 24 - Aired May 18, 2004

Finale Part Deux (2)

When Cate discovers that Bridget took the fall for Kerry for organizing the school sit-in, she agrees to have coffee with Principal Gibb in order to set the record straight. But the girls are convinced that their mother's innocent coffee meeting with their principal is really a date. Meanwhile, Kerry is furious when Bridget is elected student body president and wins a trip to Washington, D.C. -- because everyone thinks she organized the school sit-in -- C.J. keeps deluding himself that he's been chosen to be a roadie for Aerosmith over the summer, and Jim agrees to let Rory travel with him to Florida -- where he plans to try and win back his wife's affections.

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Guest Stars: Adam Arkin as Ed Gibb, Billy Aaron Brown as Kyle, Kevin Farley as Steven Tyler's roadie(V.O)

Writers: Bill Daly, Bill Callahan

Director: James Widdoes