Guest Star: Mo Gaffney

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  • Pilot

    Season 1, Episode 1 - Aired 17th September 2002

    Cate goes back to work and Paul has to contend with Bridget dating his co-worker Tommy's son Kyle whose roving eyes threaten to break his daughter's heart. Meanwhile, Paul and Cate are shocked when honor student Kerry is suspended for ditching school.

    Appeared as Mrs. Connelly

  • Career Choices

    Career Choices
    Season 1, Episode 14 - Aired 7th January 2003

    Paul and Cate are shocked when they are called into the principal's office and informed that Bridget wants to skip her college prep classes in order to become an esthetician. Meanwhile, Paul is so impressed with Kerry's sketches of "The Incredible Boring Woman" that he gets the principal to print them in the school newspaper -- not realizing that the principal is the boring woman in question.

    Appeared as Principal Connelly

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