Doctors cleared in Ritter case Posted 14th March 2008

Doctors cleared in Ritter case

The jury in the wrongful death case of John Ritter have cleared two doctors of negligence leading to the actors death in 2003.

The jury returned a 9-3 verdict of not-negligent, which means there is no damage judgement against the doctors.

The jury found that one of the doctors, a radiologist, had advised Mr. Ritter in 2001 to seek further medical care for "calcification in three coronary arteries". The jury found Mr. Ritter did not take that advise, although they ruled that Mr. Ritter's failure to seek further medical attention did not lead to the actor's death.

The family of the actor were asking for $64 million in damages, having already received $14 million. The case has seen co-star Katey Sagal and Henry Winkler testify.

The case into Mr. Ritter's wrongful death, closed today with a jury finding the doctors not negligent.

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