Upcoming Updates Posted 5th June 2005

Here is a list of a few thing to expect:
-Caps from "Tadpole"
-Caps from "Loss of Faith"
-More "Three's Company" Caps.

The Caps may take a while, but we do have the material in the pot.

Firstly, we will be adding the Shop.

In the not too distant future the Three's Company Site will launch.

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Upcoming Schedule 13th March 2005

This Friday is The After Party [New!] and a re-run of Old Flame The rest of the months schedule is; March 11th - (Rerun) The Sub and CJ'S Temptation [8:00/8:30] March 18th - Changes and School Nurse. March 25th - 8:00pm It's The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown - 8:30pm 8 Simple Rules (Rerun To Be Decided) . Read the full story 

DVD Updates 17th July 2007

We've updated our DVD page, we now include a clearer box art, full specifications and the official press release, of which we include part below. Read the full story 

DVD Updates 13th July 2007

The first reviews for the Season 1 DVD are starting to come out, DVD Talk have posted theirs and here it is: DVD Talk We'll scour the net for more reviews and update this when we find them. Read the full story 

Big Bang Updates 21st May 2007

Some extra news: TVGuide.com has a preview, its the same scene shown in the first one but has some lines that were cut out of the first preview. Preview 2 Also, an interview with Kaley: Interview with Kaley Cuoco . Read the full story 

Ratings Updates 20th April 2005

8 Simple Rules ranked 74th in this weeks rankings, while the encore episode at 8:30 ranked 80th, 8 Simple Rules was the 17th ABC show on the list. In current rankings 8 Simple Rules placed 97th, just 7 places below already renewed "Hope and Faith", 8 Simple Rules (8:30) was placed 104th, just below the fold.. Read the full story