Season 1 almost here! Posted 30th August 2008

Season 1 almost here!

The long awaited Season 1 DVD of "8 Simple Rules" will land on British shores in just 2 days for the very low price of £11.99 (depending where you shop!).

So if you haven't yet ordered yourself a copy, you can get it for that fantastic price at If you're planning on buying it at a high street store on Monda then do beware that you might end up paying as much as £16.99 for it.

For our American & Canadian readers, Season 2 is - as we previously reported - likely to be announced, by the new rights holder LionsGate, very shortly, so stay tuned!

For all the Kaley Cuoco fans, do not forget that her current TV Show "The Big Bang Theory" returns with a bang (forgive the pun) on September 22nd in the US & Canada. You can keep up-to-date with all the Big Bang Theory news on our dedicated BBT fansite: The Big Bang Theory Site.

We would also like to report that we'll be launching a new fan site in a few short weeks for "Two and a Half Men", America's favourite sitcom. We'll bring you more when the site is ready.

On a sadder note, the 5th anniversary of John Ritter's death is fast approaching. September 11th will mark 5 years since the actor died on the set of 8 Simple Rules and, of course, 7 years since the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

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