Season 2 retail date leaked? Posted 27th January 2009

Season 2 retail date leaked? reports that the retail date for "8 Simple Rules: The Complete Second Season" has been leaked. April 21st is rumoured to be day that the show's second season will hit DVD for the first time.

The show's first season was released back in August 2007 but from then Disney DVD (previously Buena Vista) made no progress in releasing future seasons. Disney licensed out the show, and many others, to Lionsgate Entertainment in August of last year. Lionsgate have not yet officially announced the DVD, but we expect word soon.

The second season features 24 episodes, including the 3 final episodes of John Ritter and the 2-episode special "Goodbye" in which the character of Paul dies.

It is unknown if there are any plans to release Season 2 on DVD in the United Kingdom and it's still unclear who owns the rights to do so here. We'll keep tracking the situation.

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