Season 2 DVD Released Posted 19th May 2009

Season 2 DVD Released

8 Simple Rules: Season 2 DVD went on sale today in the United States & Canada, almost two years since the first season of 8 Simple Rules debuted on DVD. The second DVD contains all 24 episodes of the show's second season, including the 3 final episodes of John Ritter, presented on 3 discs. No special features were included.

The reason for the long delay was the imminent deal between Buena Vista Home Entertainment (BVHE), the distributor of the show and its first season DVD, and Lions Gate Home Entertainment, a smaller independent firm who now handle 8 Simple Rules' release on DVD. BVHE wished to focus its attention on its current & more popular series, the likes of Scrubs & Desperate Housewives, so licensed out older and less popular fare, such as 8 Simple Rules.

As we mentioned earlier in the post, there are no special features on this DVD. That will come as a great disappointment to fans hoping for a tribute to John Ritter to be included with his final episodes. The reason for the lack of special features remains a mystery. A feature was produced in 2007 for a DVD planned by BVHE, but its production by BVHE might have prevented it from being included on this release. Similarly, the ABC special 'John Ritter: A Life of Laughter' may not have been possible either. It is a shame that Lions Gate weren't able to produce any special features for this release.

It is crucial that we buy this release, even with its faults, to try ensure all episodes of 8 Simple Rules will one day be on DVD. We can only hope that it might get some special features next time around, for its third and final season. 8 Simple Rules: Season 2 can be ordered from for $19.99 (~£13.10).

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