ABC Family `Rules` Posted 18th May 2007

ABC Family, the US cable channel from Disney/ABC, will begin airing "8 Simple Rules", week-daily at 6-7PM from June 12th, 2007.
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Katey signs for ABC Family Movie 22nd April 2005

Katey Sagal, the star of ABC's "8 Simple Rules," and Christy Carlson Romano, the voice of "Kim Possible," have signed on to an ABC Family movie set to premiere this summer. They'll play mother and daughter in "Campus Confidential," a film about a high school outsider who takes revenge on the popular kids by publishing a gossipy tabloid newspaper about her school. Read the full story 

8 Simple Rules on five 21st October 2007

As we reported back on October 7th, Five will be airing 8 Simple Rules every week at 11AM on Sundays as part of a new programming block aimed at teens.The Pilot episode was screened today and the rest of Season 1 will follow. Read the full story 

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