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1.16 - Come and Knock on Our Door Aired January 29, 2003

Come and Knock on Our Door

After discovering that boyfriend Kyle kissed Kerry at a party, Bridget gives her sister the silent treatment - which is anything but quiet for Paul. But real life merges with fantasy when Paul has a dream that lands him in familiar territory, showing Kyle as a swinging bachelor living with Paul's two beautiful daughters in an apartment straight out of the '70s.

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Guest Stars: Don Knotts as Mr Furley / Himself, Billy Aaron Brown as Kyle, Baelyn Neff as Inga, Artie Lee Anderson as TV Announcer (V.O), Jenny J. Wade as Helga

Writers: Philip Wen, Bill Callahan

Director: James Widdoes

WinnerThis episode won our Season 1 episode tournament in April 2010.

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fan Poland, 13:07 28th Apr 2011.
kyle was great as a Jack
Anonymous United Kingdom, 19:58 25th May 2009.
this episode is awesome! thats all i wanted to say.

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