Season 3 Episode Tournament: Result

Season 3 Episode Tournament: Result

We are running a series of episode tournaments to find the fans' favourite episodes from each season of 8 Simple Rules. We are now able to announce the result of our Season 3 tournament.

Secrets defeated The Teachers' Lounge by a convincing margin. Thanks to everybody who voted.

To recap our tournaments: the best episode of Season 1 was judged to be Come and Knock on our Door, the Season 2 winner was Mall in the Family, the Season 3 winner was Secrets, and our tournament of all the seasons was also won by Secrets.

Posted on July 5th 2010 20:38 in Portal.

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Administrator, 02:09 30th Aug 2010.
@Blank, an announcement would typically have been made by now if was going to be out this year. It's not impossible but it's unlikely to be out this year.
Blank Canada, 23:24 29th Aug 2010.
Dose anyone know if season 3 is ganna come out THIS year?
Administrator, 21:15 25th Aug 2010.
@8 Simple Rules Fan #1, we're an unofficial fan site so we have no connection with the production of the show.
8 Simple Rules Fan Canada, 18:50 25th Aug 2010.
Im just wondering if you guys could make any new episode's? I really miss going on T.V and watching brand new episode's? Please!? Thank's 8 Simple Rules Fan
Administrator, 10:08 25th Aug 2010.
@Someone, the studio hasn't announced Season 3 yet. A short while ago they informed us they didn't have any information to share on the release, so it's probably not planned for the immediate future.
Someone  Canada, 00:58 25th Aug 2010.
Hello, Do you know if people have even started making disc season 3?
Administrator, 00:24 24th Aug 2010.
Diane, no announcement has been made for Season 3 in Region 1 US & Canada. It should hopefully be released next year, if not late this year.
Diane Canada, 23:48 23rd Aug 2010.
Hi, I was wondering if you could help me, do you know if season 3 is coming to DVD in Canada Ontario? It is still not available to purchase here. Thanks Paul
Administrator, 22:01 23rd Aug 2010.
@Paul uk, There's been no news yet. It doesn't look like it's going to be released in the UK.
Paul uk United Kingdom, 21:41 23rd Aug 2010.
Hi, I was wondering if you could help me, do you know if season 2 is coming to the uk? It still is not available to purchase here. Thanks Paul

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