Amy Yasbeck's John Ritter book out next week

Amy Yasbeck's John Ritter book out next week

Amy Yasbeck, John Ritter's widow, will release a book detailing her life with John Ritter next Tuesday, September 7th. The book includes chapters detailing their early lives, how they met, their life and work together, and her life after John's death.

The pair met while working on the popular film series Problem Child and married in 1999. John Ritter passed away at the age of 54 while filming 8 Simple Rules. A foundation set up by Yasbeck after Ritter's death continues to educate about aortic dissection and save lives.

You can read a wonderful review of the book at The book is available to order now from A digital edition is available in the UK for Amazon Kindle from or you can order the hardcover edition which is currently out of stock.

Posted on September 3rd 2010 19:03 in John Ritter.

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