Cool Parent Season 1, Episode 19 - Aired February 18, 2003

Cool Parent

When Paul has to pick up Bridget and Kerry from a party that's been broken up by the police -- and "supervised" by co-worker Tommy (Larry Miller) -- Paul chastises his friend and unwittingly volunteers to host the next one. But when Paul falls asleep during the party and it gets out of control too, the kids think of him as a "cool parent," while the neighborhood parents think he's just as unreliable as Tommy.

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Guest Stars: Billy Aaron Brown as Kyle, Larry Miller as Tommy, Cole Williams as Anthony, Nicole Mansour as Rachel Sharpe, Romy Walthall as Diane Sharpe, Michael Burger as Anthony's Father, Howard Akers as Andre, Nick Lashaway as Boy #1, Jake Dinwiddie as Boy #2

Writers: Paul Ciancarelli, David Dipietro

Director: James Widdoes