Fiver to air 8 Simple Rules

Five Life is going to air 8 Simple Rules.

It will begin airing next Monday (28th) at 5PM-6PM, a double bill of series 1 episodes. These will air Mondays - Fridays.

Five bought rights to the show last year and began airing the show as part of an ill-fated "teen block". 8 Simple Rules has been off UK airwaves ever since.

Five Life is available on Freeview, Cable & Satellite.

Five Life is rebranding as "Fiver" next Monday and 8 Simple Rules is one of the new programmes been added to the schedule.

Posted on April 21st 2008 11:13 in Show.

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Ella maslin United Kingdom, 16:56 8th Feb 2011.
hi i love the show i come home from school and whatch what ever ones are on t.v even if i have seen them before i have 3 favourite characters KATE,BRIDGET and CARRIE. I LOVE THE SHOW!!!!! 8 SIMPLE RULES ROCKS Ella
igc United Kingdom, 10:51 19th May 2008.
Comment woow airing in the uk again have five got the rights to season 3
Chris United Kingdom, 18:19 28th Apr 2008.
8 Simple Rules is also on Fiver 1 on Sky Channel 183 only. So, if you miss it at 5pm. Watch it at 6 ;). It was good watching the first 2 episodes of series 1 and am now recording them (unfortunately to vhs), lets hope 8SR remains on Fiver for the entire 3 seasons :D

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