Amazon posts Season 2 DVD details

Amazon posts Season 2 DVD details have posted more details about 8 Simple Rules: Season 2. The DVD can now be pre-ordered for $19.99 (~£14.50). The DVD will be released May 19th in the United States & Canada.

The cover-art has also been revealed, although this has not been confirmed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment. The DVD background colour is yellow, with a picture of the family (sans Paul) around a chair and a picture of Paul (John Ritter) hanging in the background.

You can pre-order the DVD now at for just $19.99.

Posted on February 24th 2009 19:18 in Show.

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tori United Kingdom, 09:03 18th Aug 2009.
Administrator, 06:11 14th Apr 2009.
@cdot, there are no plans to release it in the U.K. market at this time.
cdot United Kingdom, 22:18 13th Apr 2009.
wen will it come out in the uk

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