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8 Simple Rules: Season 2 is almost out on DVD, it comes out May 19th, and have posted their review.

Those of us hoping that the change of distributor, from Buena Vista to Lionsgate, might mean better special features, will be disappointed. As Pavan Badal, owner of Pavan's 8 Simple Rules site, reveals in the review, there are no special features. Not the ABC 'John Ritter: A Life of Laughter' special, not the feature Buena Vista produced for DVD back in 2007, nothing at all.

The DVDs have actually worsened. The sound goes from Dolby Digital 5.1 to 2.0 Surround Sound and introductions the cast made for John Ritter's final three episodes are missing.

I hope you'll still buy it, in the hope that all episodes will be released, but it is clearly a disappointing release. You can pre-order the DVD from

Posted on May 11th 2009 01:06 in Show.

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harry United Kingdom, 18:25 11th May 2009.
bummer. i was hoping for bonus stuff

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